About ProBuilt SciFi

I first opened for business in 2010, and have been selling my "Pro Built" SciFi models around the world ever since.

I have been a keen modeller since I was a child, and always loved SciFi Models, because they seemed to offer greater scope for my imagination than other models. A model of a Spitfire needed to be painted in exactly the right kind of camoflage to make it accurate, but a Starship, could be any colour!

It could have as many guns, lazers, wings, pods and other additions as I wanted to add, the only limit was my imagination. it is ironic, that now I have my own modelling business, I endevour to make my models as accurate as possible in relation to thier big (And Small) screen counterparts as I possibly can.

My wife, had been saying for years that my models were good enough to be sold. I just didn't think there was a market for pre-made SciFi Model kits, how wrong was I!

I finally took her advice and put a model of a Moebius models Battlestar Galactica Viper MkII on ebay, just to see what happened. It sold within 24 hours.

I made another model, this time of the "Battlestar Galactica" itself, again by Moebius models. It not only sold, but I had people contacting me asking if I had any more for sale!

The rest as they say is history. I soon had an international client base, with collectors from all over the world kindly offering to purchase my models.

I am happy to consider most commisions, my motto is "If the kit is out there, I can make it for you" and with regard to the range of my "Pro Built" models that I offer, they range from "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea" to "Star Wars" From "Battlestar Galactica"  to " Lost in Space" and many others.

I am passionate about giving my customers the best service I possibly can. With this in mind I offer all my customers a simple no quibble guarantee. Quite simply, if your not entirely satisfied with your "ProBuilt" collectors model, simply return it for a full refund. No quibble, no hassle! 

Well enough hot air from me, why dont you check out the rest of my site to see some examples

of my work. Thanks for visiting.


Best wishes

       Peter Matthews  



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