Card Card counting

Card Card counting

Sevens Card Stud

Like Stud Poker, Sevens Card Stud is a game of hand and skill. Unlike Stud, you only have one card face up while in Holdem you have seven cards. Unlike Blackjack, you cannot re-roll or redeposit. You start as the dealer with a full house of three cards. The highest card is the highest card you can have (up to all Queen cards), the next highest card is the second highest card and so on. When you have seven cards, you have a hand. A series of three cards of the same rank, such as three 8s, is a stud. Not passing, or “going to the river” to wait for the 8 to complete your five-card stud, is called a hand. You can bet, raise or fold after each round of betting. If you make a bet on the first round and a call on the second, you complete the hand. If you raise on the first round and call on the second, you have made a bet and in addition a call, you will win an additional bet on the second round.

Sevens Or Better

In Sevens Or Better, we check the final hand, then the highest card, and if necessary, the second highest card for a push, is checked. If your highest card is the same as the highest card in the deck, you win. If it is lower, you lose. In this game, there is no blind, so if you are in early position, you can fold a pre-flop raise, as there is no raise.

We know the cards of the best possible hand, as we have done in all forms of Poker. This presents the problem of how to estimate the other players’ cards. If you are not a professional gambler, the difficulty will be in doing that, and how to make assumptions from the others’ cards. If you are a professional gambler, the problem becomes one of astronomical odds, in that you have to play against all manner of cards, not simply the cards of your Ryder Sport outs.

This problem is even more acute in a syndicate, or maybe even in a personal “cash game.” If you’re in a casino, you can rely on the gentleman next to you, or the shuffler, to watch the cards of every player. When you are dealt a new card, you can determine if it is higher or lower by the total of the number of cards in the rubbish.

Many professional gamblers, in fact, like to sit around and count to themselves, or have a look at the cards in somebody’s hand. I don’t recommend this for two reasons: (1) you could be missing out on winning combinations, (2) if somebody wins, you will be sharing the pot, albeit not a lot, with a number of other gamblers.

Professional gamblers are, in fact, obsessed with counting cards, and will spend many, many hours on the matter. When they have spotted a count that suggests they can profit, they will hoover up every penny they can. It is not enough to rely on your good luck, as the cards’ count is not completely random, as demonstrated by the casino’s card shuffler.

Professional gamblers are, essentially, risk averse. They live by a simple rule: they don’t gamble where the risk is greater than the reward. If they can’t beat the house, they won’t gamble at all. The point, of course, is to push the house out of the casino; not into the gamblers’ hands. So card counting is obviously not an issue. Low cards equal high risk. You see, the pit boss likely has a blackjack (the highest rated card in the deck, such as the ace of spades) so you can’t assume high cards are coming.

Low cards, of course, are not 100% accurate. Nobody can guess the order of every card, or the total, but you can depend on low cards to help you reach your blackjack. If low cards are coming, then you know the odds are in your favor, and you have a good chance of winning. In the event low cards cancel each other out, then the only substantial change you make is to bet or fold.

If you reach 21, no matter how low the cards are, you still have a good chance of getting more cards to stay in the game. In the event of a tie, you have the option of taking a checker bet at that level, one to two units, which may force a showdown.

Reread the last couple of paragraphs if you have missed what I have written. Now let’s move to the gummed up Adams.


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